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As the twerk heated up, the student girl reached for her dress, pulled it up and removed her pants to show her bare bums.
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At the time of doing the video, the student who is yet to be identified was in the company of her colleagues in a place that looked like a classroom.
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So me a regular guy saved up some money, did some research on how to start up a twerk porn site and here I am today here with Twerk Queens for you all! Porn, your go-to for anything twerk porn! Once every six months depending on how many quality submissions we get.

Video: SHS girl goes naked as she twerks to Medikal's 'Wrowroho'

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For starters, the guy was after the girl, not the other way around.

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Video: SHS girl goes naked as she twerks to Medikal's 'Wrowroho'

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