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Product: Zeos Library for Windows
Vendor: Zeos Development Team
Version: 6.6.6 Data Aware Controls: TDataSet
Web Site: http://zeos.firmos.at/portal.php Support Delphi Vers: 7 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010
Source Available: Yes Supports C++B Vers: 3

Description: The ZeosLib is a set of database components for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle and SQLite.
Deployment: Components compile in to your EXE, needs the MySQL client DLL.
Modes of

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primary intended
Multiuser File Server:
Multiuser Client/Server: Yes
Web Server:

Package(s) Available: Price:
Zeos Library for Windows Free (GPL)

Database/File Format Supported Native? Via Notes

Third Party Tool Compatibility: Compatible?
(Delphi) Database Explorer Unknown
Ace Reporter Unknown
InfoPower Unknown
Orpheus (TurboPower) Unknown
QuickReports Unknown
RAVE Reports Unknown
ReportBuilder Pro Unknown

Vendor's Description (from Readme files, web site, etc.):

The ZEOS Library is a set of Delphi Components for easy access of MySQL.

The included components are:

  • TParser- component to calculate formulas
  • TMySQLDatabase- component to access a MySQL Database
  • TMySQLTransact- component to post updates directly to the MySQL server, or via the ZEOS Transact server.
  • TMySQLQueryFull-featured TDataset class:
    • Support for all data types
    • Can edit simple and complex queries!
    • Cached updates
    • BLOB support
    • Locate and Lookup
    • Master-Detail support
    • Filter support
    • ZEOS generator support (recommended for cached updates but not required)
    • ZEOS transact server support (to emulate MySQL transactions)
    • Well, it is a very complete Dataset!

ZEOS library is distributed on the terms of the GPL Public License so it is completly free.

BDE Alternatives Guide Comments:

This includes some code that simulates transaction support on MySQL. Of course MySQL now has transactions, so that is no longer relevant.

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