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Product: TurboDB
Vendor: dataWeb
Version: 6 Data Aware Controls:
Web Site: http://www.turbodb.de/en/products/delphi_database.html Support Delphi Vers: 6 7 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 XE
Source Available: No Supports C++B Vers: 6 2006 2009 2010 XE

Description: TurboDB for VCL is a database for Delphi written in Delphi, which supports a large SQL feature set.
Deployment: Enlarges client code by about 400-800k
Modes of

Check indicates
primary intended
Local: Yes
Multiuser File Server: Yes
Multiuser Client/Server:
Web Server:

Package(s) Available: Price:
TurboDB 6 for VCL Standard $329.00
TurboDB 6 for VCL Professional $499.00

Database/File Format Supported Native? Via Notes
TurboDB Yes Same format as used in Visual Data Publisher and dataWeb Builder
DBF No Import/Export

Third Party Tool Compatibility: Compatible?

Vendor's Description (from Readme files, web site, etc.):

TurboDB for VCL is a database for Delphi written in Delphi, which supports a large SQL feature set and offers it through the well-known VCL components for Database, Table, Query and BatchMove. TurboDB for VCL is the perfect replacement for Paradox and dBase to bring up-to-date database technology to your legacy BDE application.
Our Delphi database supports not only all features of those out-dated products but offers a range of additional possibilities as well and makes the migration pain free through compatible interfaces.
Other than with the Borland BDE, there are no components installed in the operating system nor necessary configuration settings. You control the complete database access directly from the application.
TurboDB for VCL consists of our proven database engine, the typical VCL components TdbTable, TdbQuery, TdbDatabase, TdbBatchMove, designers for many versions of Delphi, C++ Builder, Borland Developer Studio as well as the usual tools with documentation.
The components fit in the development environment in the familiar way and also the programming is identical to the well-known VCL data access components from the BDE.


  • The complete database library can optionally be compiled into the application and requires less than 1 MB at run-time. In that way, the database is virtually invisible to the end-user;
  • Large SQL feature set including DDL, foreign keys, transactions, strong encryption, collations (sorting after the rules of any foreign language) and full-text indexing;
  • Entirely programmed in Delphi. Therefore no interfacing problems with ADO, OLE DB, dbExpress etc;
  • All the usual VCL data access components are there and work like the ones from the BDE: TTdbDatabase, TTdbTable, TTdbQuery, TTdbBatchMove;
  • Wizards for converting BDE databases and for importing any database via ADO;
  • Convenient database management tool is including in the package;
  • Data can be exchanged with all TurboDB products. Database engine is identical to the one used in TurboDB Studio;

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