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Product: Pervasive PSQL
Vendor: Pervasive Software
Version: 11 Data Aware Controls: TDataSet
Web Site: http://www.pervasivedb.com/psqlv11/Pages/Default.aspx Support Delphi Vers: 2009 2010
Source Available: No Supports C++B Vers: 2009 2010

Description: Pervasive PSQL v11 is specifically designed to increase scalability and performance on multi-core machines.
Deployment: Deploys as a .DLL. Each deployment requires a database workstation, workgroup, client, or server license for a Pervasive product.
Modes of

Check indicates
primary intended
Local: Yes
Multiuser File Server: Yes
Multiuser Client/Server: Yes
Web Server:

Package(s) Available: Price:
PSQL v11 Workgroup $49.00
PSQL v11 Server 32-bit Windows $845.00
PSQL v11 Server 32-bit Linux $845.00
PSQL v11 Server 64-bit Windows $845.00
PSQL v11 Server 64-bit Linux $845.00

Database/File Format Supported Native? Via Notes
Btrieve Yes
Pervasive.SQL Yes

Third Party Tool Compatibility: Compatible?
(Delphi) Database Explorer Unknown
Ace Reporter Yes
InfoPower Unknown
Orpheus (TurboPower) Yes
QuickReports Yes
RAVE Reports Unknown
ReportBuilder Pro Unknown
Crystal Reports Yes

Vendor's Description (from Readme files, web site, etc.):

Pervasive PSQL is a comprehensive database management system built around Pervasive Software’s MicroKernel Database Engine. Pervasive PSQL offers easy installation, uncomplicated maintenance, and high levels of performance and reliability.
Pervasive PSQL is a reliable, low-maintenance, high-performance database management system (DBMS). Thousands of companies around the world license Pervasive PSQL and distribute it as the underlying data storage program for their data-intensive software products. These companies see no reason to build their own DBMS or license from a competitor once they experience the ease-of-use, reliability, and value offered by Pervasive PSQL.

Pervasive PSQL provides a number of advantages over other products available on the market. Here are just a few:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership;
  • No Database Administrator (DBA) required;
  • Scalable from the desktop to the Web;
  • Cross-platform support;
  • Big database features at a small price;
  • Legendary stability and reliability;
  • Multiple access methods.

Some New Features in Pervasive PSQL v11

  • Multi-core Support
  • Support for IPv6
  • 64-bit ODBC Driver
  • Support for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and 4.0
  • Enhancements to Other SDK Access Methods

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