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Product: Halcyon
Vendor: Griffin Solutions
Version: 6.041 Data Aware Controls: Standard D2 + TDataSet D3+
Web Site: http://www.griffinsolutions.com/halcyon6.php Support Delphi Vers: 4 5 6 7 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010
Source Available: Yes Supports C++B Vers:

Description: An xBase database engine written in Object Pascal.
Deployment: Compiles in to EXE.
Modes of

Check indicates
primary intended
Local: Yes
Multiuser File Server: Yes
Multiuser Client/Server:
Web Server:

Package(s) Available: Price:
Per developer, with source $100

Database/File Format Supported Native? Via Notes
DBF Yes Clipper, or FoxPro index (CDX, MDX, NDX, NTX) and memo(DBT and FPT)

Third Party Tool Compatibility: Compatible?
(Delphi) Database Explorer Unknown
Ace Reporter Unknown
InfoPower Yes
Orpheus (TurboPower) Unknown
QuickReports Unknown
RAVE Reports Unknown
ReportBuilder Pro Unknown

Vendor's Description (from Readme files, web site, etc.):

Welcome to Halcyon, a series of Pascal routines for management of Clipper, dBase III/IV/V , and FoxPro files. The routines are designed to do the following:

  • Provide a simple user interface to read and write xBase files in a network environment.
  • Allow creation, use and updating of multiple .CDX/.MDX/.NDX/.NTX index files in reading and updating the data (DBF) files.
  • Allow reading and updating of .DBT/FPT memo file entries.
  • Allow creation of new dBase III/IV and FoxPro files. These routines will work with FoxPro, dBase III and IV memo file structures.
  • Provide a file handler interface that offers a simple disk management capability including file sharing for LANs.
  • Allow operation under all versions of Object Oriented Borland Pascal, including Delphi (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) TP7.0, and BP7.0 (real,
    protected, and Windows).
  • Do all of the above using Pascal--No .ASM or .OBJ files are used.
  • Apply Object Oriented Programming to create easily usable modules.
  • No additional license or royalty payments for your applications.

BDE Alternatives Guide Comments:

Halycon also support proprietary data aware controls for D1 and D2, in addition to TDataSet support in D3/4.

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