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Product: dbExpress Driver for MySQL
Vendor: DevArt
Version: 4.70.26 Data Aware Controls: TDataSet
Web Site: http://www.devart.com/dbx/mysql/ Support Delphi Vers: 6 7 8 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 XE
Source Available: Yes Supports C++B Vers: 6 2007 2009 2010 XE

Description: Provides access to MySQL database using native MySQL network protocol or MySQL client.
Deployment: MySQL client library libmysql.dll from MySQL AB is required
Modes of

Check indicates
primary intended
Multiuser File Server:
Multiuser Client/Server: Yes
Web Server: Yes

Package(s) Available: Price:
Standard Edition (Single) $129.95
Standard Edition (Team) $249.95
Standard Edition (Site) $449.95
Standard Edition with source code (Single) $199.95
Standard Edition with source code (Team) $499.95
Standard Edition with source code (Site) $899.95

Database/File Format Supported Native? Via Notes

Third Party Tool Compatibility: Compatible?
(Delphi) Database Explorer Unknown
Ace Reporter Unknown
InfoPower Yes
Orpheus (TurboPower) Unknown
QuickReports Yes
RAVE Reports Unknown
ReportBuilder Pro Yes

Vendor's Description (from Readme files, web site, etc.):

dbExpress is a database-independent layer that defines common interface to provide fast access to MySQL. For this server, dbExpress provides a driver as an independent library that implements the common dbExpress interface for processing queries and stored procedures. As data-access layer is thin and simple, dbExpress provides high performance database connectivity and is easy to deploy.
dbExpress driver for MySQL (DbxMda) provides access to MySQL database. It can work using native MySQL network protocol or MySQL client. If you do not use Direct mode, MySQL client library is required.

Main Features

  • Direct access to data
  • Ability to connect through native protocol without using client software
  • High performance
  • Supports the latest versions of servers
  • All data types support
  • Extended options for advanced behaviour
  • Complete support for dbExpress version 4
  • Ability of monitoring query execution with dbMonitor
  • Source code available
  • Includes annual Subscription with Priority Support
  • Licensed royalty-free per developer

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