A directory of data access products for Delphi

Thoughts on Pricing

How much does price matter when you are choosing software to base your application on? That depends on the application:

If it’s a small application that you are developing for free, then the price matters a lot. You should almost certainly use one of the built-in Delphi technologies (DBExpress, ADOExpress), or one of the low-cost or free options here.

If, on the other hand, you are being paid to develop the application, the price doesn’t matter nearly as much. Why? Because the database access software you choose could increase or decrease your development time by hundreds of hours or more. The cost of the product will be insignificant compared to the value of the time you spend using it. Is it worth saving $500 on a purchase if it costs you $10,000 worth of time? Clearly not. Therefore it makes sense choose whatever product will help you create the best software in the least time, with little regard to its costs (within reason).

This is not to say that more costly solutions are necessarily better; the low-cost product mentioned above may be perfect for a high-profile commercial application that needs a fast, simple, local database. Also, some of the client/server oriented products sell for a surprisingly low price, especially compared to the Client/Server version of Delphi, which they eliminate the need for.

Deployment Pricing

The comments here apply to development system pricing; deployment pricing is a separate issue. Deployment licencing costs can severely affect the final price of your product.

Pricing varies especially widely around the middle-tier world, though - there are Java application server products and CORBA product, for example, that cost tens of thousands of dollars per deployed server.

Most of the products here have royalty-free deployment.