A directory of data access products for Delphi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whose opinion am I reading on this site?

A: The opinions expressed here are Kyle Cordes’s. I try to gather as much information as possible and be as fair as I can when I make comparative statements between competing products, of which there are many on this site. I have tried out most of the products here, and continue to use a few of them for real-world projects. My focus in evaluating products is this:

Does the product do what it advertises to do? Does it actually work?

Is it reasonably free of bugs? Do the developers fix bugs, or ignore them?

Does it force the programmer to adapt to its world view? Or does it try to remain consistent (where possible) with the existing “Delphi Way” of doing things?

Q: What’s wrong with the BDE? Why don’t you just use it? Why bother to do this site?

A: There is a page devoted to this topic. I don’t despise the BDE, and used to recommend it for some situations. I actually like some of the other data access solutions included with Delphi itself, such as ADOExpress, DBExpress, and IBX. However, these are not the only way to access data from Delphi, and many third-party products have significant advantages.

Q: What about DBExpress, ADO, IBX, etc., the other data access software in the Delphi box?

A: Those are covered here too, to some extent. The “BAG” name is mostly historical.

Q: Why is some of the information out of date?

A: I (Kyle) have been busy with other projects in recent years, many of them not involving Delphi at all. Thus, I’ve had limited time available for this. Further, interest in add-on Delphi database access solutions has fallen greatly.

Q: What is the criteria to be included in this list?

A: This site will only include products which are currently available, from their author or publisher, on that author’s or publisher’s web site. Orphaned products / components may be considered “dead” and removed.

Q: The information here is wrong or incomplete. Where do I send updates?

A: This site is let as-is as a reference, and is no longer being updated.

Q: Who designed this web site?

A: The visual design of this site was adapted by Kyle Cordes, from a template produced by Luka Cvrk, Solucija