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Need Data Access Components for Delphi?

This site is a directory, description, and in some cases evaluation, of every available Delphi / C++ Builder data access product. The BDE is mostly history, but alternative data access technologies for Delphi are alive and well!


Almost every day on a mailing list, newsgroup, or forum, someone asks “What is the best way to access my database in Delphi?” Someone then replies with a list of one or two ways of doing so.

The definitive answer to this question is “See DelphiBAG.com”. The name is somewhat obsolete, as there are several non-BDE data access technologies included with Delphi; but the idea remains the same.

Some of the products here aspire to be fairly complete Delphi-integrated database implementations, with extensive support for all the same data controls as are used with the BDE/DataSnap/etc. A few of them differ greatly from the normal Delphi data access component/programming model, instead matching the underlying database system more closely.

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Product List, with filtering by database type

How to Choose a data access solution

Why Not the BDE? - reasons to consider using an alternative data access product

Multi-Tier - “DataSnap Alternatives”, a list of products which can be used to build multi-tier aplications with Delphi/C++B/Kylix. These products will be integrated in to the main list later, but are separate for the moment.

Update In Progress

This site has been greatly updated in late 2010, and there are some 2011 updates in progress. Prior to that, it hadn’t been updated much since 2002.

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This site launched as the “BDE Alternatives Guide”, a section of Kyle Cordes’s web site in 1999. In 2010 it moved to DelphiBAG.com.

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